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About Reception

At Ravensdale we have two reception classes that have a maximum of thirty children in each class.  The school day starts at 8.55am and ends at 3.10pm

The Reception Curriculum covers all aspects of ‘The Early Learning Goals’ that includes:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Communication and Language

Expressive Art and Design

Understanding the world

Physical Development


How to Apply for a Reception Place for September 2020

Coventry City Council deal with the allocation of places for Reception. The next intake will be for September 2020, the closing date was 15 January 2020.  Any applications received after this date will be processed as a late application.   Places will be confirmed on 16 April 2020.  Further information is available online via; or contact the Admissions and Benefits Team on 02476 975445 or via email:

Parents will then be notified by the Admissions team at Coventry City Council on 16 April 2020 regarding the allocation.

The school is not involved in this process but we can provide you with information regarding the catchment area and the admission criteria and you are most welcome to contact the school to arrange for a tour of the school.

Please note that if your child already attends the school nursery this does not give you any preference and you must still apply for a school place.

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