Coventry Virtual Reading Club

Coventry Virtual Reading Club have been working on providing a virtual reading club for all Coventry children to be able to access.

Their virtual reading club gives children an opportunity to submit book reviews and take part in mini challenges. They will have a rolling program of mini challenges over the next couple of months to keep it fresh. The first 2 are a mini Easter Reading challenge where children are asked to read and review 3 books and also an illustration challenge where children can create their own book character and submit it to win a prize. It also has downloads to support parents in encouraging reading for pleasure at home, links to free reading resources and a Book doctor (where you can contact our specialist librarians for advice on what to read next).

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Ceop have made some lovely activity packs for parents/home learning on their website.  Please feel free to take a look at

March 2020:

Music Updates for all children (scroll down for all the links):

Early Years and Key stage One

There are a few action songs which can be used as a break for your child (and for you as parents and carers). Some of these include songs which consolidate number skills and counting and others provide opportunities for moving around.  A firm favourite (particularly in year 2) is the song ‘Bim bum’ which is fantastic for co-ordination and following simple symbols as well as singing accurately. The ‘Listen and Copy’ way of learning the song is effective and children can either learn the song first or have a go at the actions first. ‘Sweet Beets’ is a lovely site, introducing children to the idea of the ‘beat’ in music and learning to copy and play simple rhythms. You could even try making your own instruments at home to play along instead of clapping. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy making music together. All of the links are below.

For older ones:

Here are some links to some fun musical activities you can try at home. Many of these will consolidate and reinforce some of the skills we have been learning in our lessons.

If you are in year 3 or 4, have a look at the Music Show activities. These focus on skills such as reading simple rhythms and reading treble clef notes. ‘Visualmusicalminds’ is an excellent resource to also consolidate reading rhythms and following simple notation. You may even have some junk materials at home which you could use to create your own simple percussion instruments such as a maraca or guiro or drum. These can then be used to play the rhythms on these sites.

For year 5 and 6, is a popular website which has activities focused on the elements of music: Pulse and Rhythm, Duration, Tempo, Structure, Pitch, Harmony, Texture and Dynamics. There are also some examples of famous Classical music to demonstrate some of these.

Many of you also have your own ukulele. Don’t forget to check out for some super free resources and lessons. You could become a real expert during this time!

For lots of listening opportunities, try these two websites:

Listen to all of the music that made the composers famous. Compose your own  music by dragging notes and rests to place them on the stave. Work your way through the rhythm patterns and you can become a Rhythm Master! is also another fabulous resource. Listen to Classic FM’s brand-new podcast for children, presented by David Walliams.

I hope you enjoy some of these websites. Have fun. Take care,

Mrs Russell

Key stage 1 and Early Years Songs

Rainbow Colours

Wash your hands

Jump, run. Shout

Counting from 1 to 10

Numbers Song 1-20

Big numbers song

Clean up Song

Bim Bum

Sweet Beats


Rhythm Builder

Syncopation Rhythm reading

Shake the Papaya down

Seven Continents Song

The Music Show

The beat is the heart of Music

I’ve got Rhythm

Take a rest

We are going to sing high, low and in the middle

6  Lines and spaces

The Doh re mi challenge

Treble Clef – Lines and Spaces

Fantastic resources:

Great learning about Harmony, Notation, Dynamics, Structure, pulse and rhythm, Melody and pitch and quizzes.

For anyone with their own ukulele:

Our curriculum:

We follow the National Curriculum guidelines set out below, as well as EYFS guidelines in Development Matters. We use Read Write Inc (RWInc) as our overall phonics scheme and we follow the Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) reading scheme. Children also have access to ‘real books’. National Book Banding helps us assign our books.

Please click here to view the whole school ‘Curriculum Overview’ of topics for 2019-2020, Please click here to view 2018-2019.

For ICT curriculum progression, please see ICT Progression Strands.

Click here to view the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) Curriculum overview of Topics for 2018-2019.

Click here to view the long term music plan 2019-2020

Click here to view the long term RE plan 2019-2020

Click here to view the PE curriculum for 2018-2019.

Click here view the PSHE information leaflet

If you click on the link below, this will take you to the DFE site that will display the latest government guidelines.

National Curriculum

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