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Welcome to Ravensdale Primary School

The purpose of this site is to celebrate our children’s achievements and provide you with useful information about the life and work of our school. We hope you will find it useful and informative.

Ravensdale is a happy and friendly school that is committed to achieving the very best. Our aim is “Working together to be the best we can possibly be.” We aim at academic and personal wellbeing for each and every child. We truly believe that every child’s potential is unlimited and that every moment counts towards providing the best education that we can for your child. We work hard to continually develop and improve our school and aim to provide a high-quality education for your child, helping them to develop an excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

We provide a stimulating, creative and varied curriculum which gives all of our children the opportunity to learn from a wide range of experiences, including visits out of school and bringing visitors and specialists into school from the wider community to really bring learning to life. In addition to the normal school day, we provide a range of extra-curricular activities which take place either at lunchtime or at the end of the school day and we encourage all children to take part in them.

I am sure that you would agree that it is vital for parent(s), carer(s) and the school to work in partnership to ensure that a child’s time at Ravensdale is both happy and successful. Through close partnership, we aim to help your child learn and develop independence to prepare them for the next phase of their education and to provide them with the skills and confidence that will support them throughout their life.

I hope that you find this website helpful and that it is the start of a long, happy and successful partnership with you and your child. Please explore the site and if there is any information that you require which we haven’t provided, please email either myself ( or the school office and we will do our very best to answer your query. If you ever needed to complain, our complaints policy is public too, on our policies page.

I hope I have gone some way to explain our values, but our values statement is below. I hope we can work together.

Best Wishes,

Mr Rob Matthews

You can see our statement of school values. By clicking here.

           Your current school priorities, including values and rights are available here Priorities Poster 2019-2020

Your current school priorities, including values and rights are available here: Priorities Poster 2018-2019.
You can also see our older school priorities by clicking here: Priorities poster 2017-2018 2016-2017.

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