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Nursery Activities

They’re hatching!  

We’ll put some pictures up soon. 

We’ve been thinking about what chicks need to stay alive?  

Do you know?

Use this website to help you find out. Can you make us a book or a poster with some pictures and information on?  

Don’t forget to email us your ideas and messages. We love hearing from you! 

The chicks have arrived!

Show us your ‘funky’ moves by practising the funky chicken! Use this link to your grownups!

We have been finding out how chicks grow and develop this week. We have read the story of Dora’s eggs, here is a video of someone reading it to you.

Here’s a maths problem for my Nursery friends, if Dora only lays 4 eggs, can you find 1 more than 4?

Reception friends, Dora left some maths eggs for you inside were some number sentences can you work them out.

 6 – 1 = , 5 + 2 =, 5 + 5 =, 8 – 2 =

We’ll pop some photos on here soon so you can watch the eggs hatch!

Hello everyone,

If you’re in need of a ‘pick-me-up’ or a break from your English and maths learning, have a look at this wonderful website:

It has a really catchy song for every day of the week, with easy to follow lyrics and a downloadable resource/activity to match the theme of the song.

New songs are being added all the time for the next few weeks. I will certainly be joining in at home. Have fun. Make a note of which songs you like the best for when we return to school and we can sing them together.

Take care,

Mrs Russell’

We would love to hear from you so we know you’re children are safe and well and hear how they are getting on with their home learning. Please email either your child’s teacher, or

30th March –

Spring Thinking for Reception and Nursery.  

This week we have been enjoying the weather and starting to notice the changes happening in nature. If you are inside try using this website link, there are things to watch and then make.

If you’d like to hear a story about Spring Cbeebies radio has the tale of spring for you to listen to too. 

If you can get outside tell your adult about the blossom and buds on the trees , listen to the birds singing and if you’re lucky you could spot some birds gathering sticks, moss and other things, what are they making? Why? 

26th March –

For those of you who like a bit of structure in your lives; here’s what various celebrities are offering you and your kids for free daily to help with their education while schools are closed. Please note, these are idea’s of various activities for the children and we do not expect children to follow a strict timetable each day.

9.00am – PE with Joe Wicks
10.00am – Maths with Carol Vorderman
11.00am – English with David Walliams
12.00pm – Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)…/category/get-kids-cooking/
1.00pm – Music with Myleene Klass
1.30pm – Dance with Darcey Bussel…/status/1241098264373592065
2.00pm – History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days)
4.00pm – Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Non-daily events include:
Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests
9.30am Geography with Steve Backshall…/status/1242058846941712385

25th March – lots of music links and information posted here:

23 March – Hello everyone. Please use your packs for the next few days and catch up here for future activities.

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